Summer weekend in Launceston


Surprise, Surprise- I am back in the Australian island state of Tasmania (for the 6th time in three years!).

This time we were down for a friend’s birthday and it also just happened to be (probably) the busiest weekend of the year in Launceston with the Mona Foma festival on.


Mona is the Museum of Old & New Art (located in Hobart) and is one of the quirkiest and most interesting places you can visit. Mona holds two festivals each year, Dark Mofo (which is very high up on my bucketlist) and Mona Foma which in recent years has been held in Launceston. 


Launceston in summer is so distinctly different to Launceston in the winter. People come out of hibernation and enjoy the water fronts, the Gorge (which currently has an inflatable man as part of Foma), the cafes, and the amazing parklands. The weather is hot (don’t let the degrees fool you, the sun is brutal in Tassie!) and the days are long- making it a great place to spend a weekend.




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