Study Documents: ToDo Lists

As you may have caught onto in my previous blogposts I love to use ‘Todo lists’ to stay organised. There are many different types of ‘todo lists’ that can be helpful, so I thought I  would create four different pdf ‘todo lists’ to inspire everyone to get organised.


‘A University Todo list’

This list can be used to separate your tasks by your University courses. You put the titles of your courses in the top four squares, any goals you may have for those courses (e.g. a ‘HD for Psychology 101’, and a ‘please just let me pass for statistics’). Then put all your tasks for each subject (e.g. readings, assignments, quizzes) in the list below the goals section. This will allow you to allocate the necessary time to each course.

Print out the document here: University to do list


‘A Weekly Todo list’

This list allows you to separate tasks by days in the week. This could be used to ensure all your required tasks are being completed by their due dates, allows you to allocate yourself enough ‘you time’, and the notes section at the bottom means you won’t forget anything important (e.g. birthdays or appointments you need to book in to).

Print out the document here: A Weekly todo list

‘A Balanced Life Todo list’

This list is perfect for people who are juggling a job, studying, and a social life. It allows you to separate the tasks you need to complete into different categories so you can ensure one aspect of your life is not taking up too much time, and leaving no time for the other aspects.

Print out the document here: A Balanced Life Todo list


‘A Busy Life Todo list’

This list is the type of list I use! It is for busy people who are never going to get everything they need to get done in the week. The list allows you to prioritise what needs to be done right now, what can get done soon, and the tasks that need to get done eventually. For example my current todo list would have ethics amendment in ‘needs to get done, like now!’, book 3 of data analysis in ‘needs to get done soon’, and read a relevant article I found in ‘will get done oneday’.

Print out the document here: A busy life Todo List


I hope these lists help you stay organised, or inspire you to create your own todo lists!

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