Stockholm, A winters dream

There is something about the Scandinavian culture that has always appealed to me. So when I decided I was going to travel to Europe, I knew that Stockholm was going to be on the itinerary. Many people thought it was odd that I was travelling around Sweden in January (the middle of winter) but for me that made it all the more charming. I stayed in Old Town which is quaint and adorable as it is, but when it is under snow it is even more so. I will never forgetting sitting in the window seal of a café, under a blanket drinking Swedish coffee, watching the snow fall. Genuinely a pinch me moment. Stockholm is vibrant, lively, interesting, modern, innovative, and so so so different from Australia. Give yourself enough time to really immerse yourself into the city- at least 4 to 5 days! You will not regret it.


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