Steps to Creating a Great Home Office Space

**In Collaboration** 

If you work from home or are a student studying from home, then it means that you will have a space in the home where you do your work. It could be a big challenge in your home if you are short on space, but just sitting in bed to do your work isn’t conducive to working or studying. So no matter what space you have, you need to create a go-to space where you can consistently get on with your work or studying, and be as productive as you can be. Creating a work and study space that helps to promote a productive and comfortable learning environment, which will help you to be really focussed and motivated.



The location that you choose for your office space is really important. Even a well-designed space can be counterproductive if the location of the home isn’t quite right. A home office can be ideal in a spare room, but of course, not everyone is going to have one of those. But if you do, it can be ideal to design it just as you want, and then closing the door on it at the end of the day. But if you don’t have that, a corner in your bedroom, as well as a basement or even an outdoor shed! You just need a reasonable amount of space, but set aside from something like a noisy laundry room. Having a quiet space will be a much more productive space.


Custom needs

We all have different requirements for our office spaces. You might be studying and need to have a study space that will be able to cater to all of your books and storage needs. You might need your work space to have access to lots of electrical points, because you need a fax, printer, computer, and phone line close by. So think about what you will need, and then you can set up the workspace accordingly. If the latter sounded like you and you need lots of electrical points, then consulting with a business like Smillie Electrical can help you to design the space as you need it, but doing it all safely and with stellar design in mind.


Maximize storage space

You can quite easily increase how functional your home study space is, by having plenty of storage. Something like a custom bookcase, as mentioned above, could be what you need to make your studying helpful and productive. Some upper storage around the desk can be a good way to have storage, but have it all out of sight when you’re sitting at your desk. Vertical space for storage is a really good idea and can help you to be nice and organized. It is a must in smaller rooms as well, as it won’t take up floor space. If you want to add extra touches in the office, then things like a pin board or a padded memo board can be helpful for things like calendars, deadlines, and notes.


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