Staying Healthy While Travelling The World

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Travelling the world can be very hard on your body. If you’re not careful, a great trip can turn into a nightmare very fast. You return home prematurely with a whole host of health problems because you didn’t take care of yourself properly! So, here are some easy tips you can follow to stay healthy no matter where you travel to:

Be Mindful Of What You Eat/Drink
It’s fair to say that a lot of health issues stem from people eating or drinking something that makes them ill. When you’re in a foreign country, there are loads of foods or drinks that pose problems for you. Loads of people travel to places in India and end up sick the whole time because their stomach can’t handle the local cuisine. Bear that in mind before you go, and always make sure you eat things that you know your body agrees with. Similarly, the main drink to worry about is water. A lot of countries don’t have drinkable water from their taps. As such, the safest thing to do is always buy bottled water from shops.

Don’t Fly Anywhere Before Having A Medical Check Up
Flying in a plane is not something everyone is suited to. This is why you often see pregnant women discouraged from flying or elderly people with serious health issues. If something happens when you’re in the air, then it can be catastrophic. The last thing you want is an emergency landing and you being moved to a medical flight transport then being airlifted to a foreign hospital. The best way to avoid this is to get a medical check-up before you travel. This will show you if you’re ready to fly, or if you have any underlying health issues. It could be worth getting an allergy test done too, just in case you’re allergic to certain foods or plants. This will naturally help you avoid coming into contact with anything you’re allergic to, keeping you in good health.

Give Your Body Time To Rest
The great thing about travelling is that it’s a very active thing. I find that my daily step count goes way over 10,000 for every day I’m travelling. You like to walk a lot and see as much of a city as possible. Therefore, staying active isn’t a problem, but being rundown and fatigued is! If you want to avoid health problems, make sure you give your body time to rest. Every now and then, take it easy and have a rest day where you just relax and give your body time to recuperate. This is particularly important if you’re constantly flying across time zones and being hit with jetlag. Don’t be afraid to rest, it may help you avoid an early return home.


Travelling isn’t cheap, so the last thing you want is an expensive trip being cut short because of health issues. Always make sure you’re healthy enough to travel, and that you give your body time to rest while continually being aware of what you eat. These three tips will undoubtedly help ensure you have healthy, happy travels around the world!




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