Signs That You’re Ready To Downsize Your Property

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We all get to a point in our lives where our home may become too much for our living requirements. It’s likely to be after your children have flown the nest or just at a point where your legs might not be able to climb three sets of stairs, or your energy levels can’t cater to cleaning a large-sized house anymore. So if you’re thinking about moving, here are the signs that you’re ready to downsize your property.


Your Bills Are Too Expensive

We’re all responsible for paying our bills on time, and no one can really get away with paying them in most households. However, money is more important as you get older because you want to have as much of it available to you as possible for when you retire. So when you’re bills are becoming too expensive for you to afford or it’s taking more of your paycheck each month, and leaving you with little left, it might be time to move. Having a bigger home where there are more appliances being used and more rooms to be heated can make for a huge cost each month and that’s something not everyone can afford forever. You may have already exhausted all your alternative companies to switch utility providers, so if that’s the case, then it may be time to downsize your property to reduce the amount of bills you’re paying.

The Living Situation Has Changed

Various life events happen to everyone during their life, and your situation and priorities change over time. Perhaps you’ve recently lost your partner, or your children have left for college or have moved out altogether. This change in living situation can, therefore, impact the way you feel about your current property. There are so many options available to you, whether that’s downsizing to granny flats or simply finding a property that has only one or two levels to it. A living situation can change quite quickly or slowly over a period of time and when you’ve realized that the property doesn’t cater for you, then it’s at that point that you should be looking elsewhere.

It’s Becoming Less Accessible And Functional

We all age and that’s something that none of us can avoid. We can certainly slow down the signs of aging and help extend it to an extent, but there does come a point where you come is going to be working against you. From doing the weekly clean to it’s functionality, your property will end up becoming less accessible and functional for you and anyone else who lives in your property with you of the same age. Climbing the stairs is hard as you get older and even with assistance like a stairlift, this can still cause problems. It’s hard to give up a property where you may have spent the majority of your adult life in. However, it’s important to make these changes when problems become apparent.

You’ve Started House Hunting

The more telling signs that indicate that you’re ready to move is when you’ve already started looking. It could be that you’re casually browsing property websites every so often or veering towards real estate shop windows to see what’s on offer in the local area. And while there’s no harm in looking, it will usually tell you that you may be ready for the move. When it comes to house hunting, make sure that you have your current home valued and sorted out in terms of maintenance and fixes to help your property sell as quickly as possible. Look for a real estate company who has your best interests in mind and read up on the reviews to ensure you’ve got the right one. This move is likely to be your last if you’re downsizing, so you want to make it a good one.

You’re No Longer Making Use Of All The Space

A big property is definitely noticeable when you have rooms that you’ve not been into in weeks, months or maybe even longer. When you’re young and with a family, you’ll start to accumulate a lot of stuff, and the home can often feel cluttered and a battle to find as much space as possible for all your belongings. But as you declutter your life’s collections and your children leave the family home, a lot of these spaces then become unused and vacant. If this is something that you have in your own home currently, then it’s worth looking at the space and querying whether you can do anything with it. If not, then you’re probably better off with a smaller property that you can utilize fully and not have to go to the hassle of cleaning areas of the home that are never used.

Property Maintenance Is Falling Behind

Talking of cleaning, property maintenance is something we all need to do in our homes in order to keep them in shape. Without the proper care and maintenance on a property, it can become damaged, and these damages can sometimes be irreversible or cost money to fix. Just like cleaning, property maintenance can fall behind if you have too big of a property. Have you got a long list of fixes and to-dos for the home? If you do and the thought of doing something about it is non-existent, then you’ve definitely told yourself

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