Psychology Students Need To Know About These Things When They Finish Studying

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Sometimes as when we are in the midst of studying, we can put all of our focus into the projects we are doing now, and forget all about what we aim to do when we have finally completed our degrees. That is why it’s important to remind ourselves not only about the opportunities that lie ahead but also the possible issues as well. Read on to find out more.

You don’t have to become a therapist.

Yup, I’m sure you have had that conversation a million times! You know the one where as soon as someone finds out you are studying psychology that they assume you that you will become clinical or counselling psychologists that see patients!


Of course, it’s crucial to remember that there are many other options available as well such as forensic psychological, conservation psychology, educational psychology, and you may even choose to work as a psychological consult in the corporate world. All of which roles a quite a lot different than the traditional 45-minute client appointment model.

If you do want to be a therapist, you will need a properly fitted out office.

That is not to say, however, that becoming a clinical or counseling psychologist isn’t a great choice.

Although, if you do plan to do this you will need to find the right premises and kit in out in the correct way. In fact, for those working with patients that are at risk of harming themselves and others, selecting items from places like crown furniture can really help. The reason being that they offer range like Ryno that are designed for safety and longevity.


Everyone will wonder if you are analysing them.

Next, it seems to be the fate of the psychology graduates that everyone around them thinks they are being analysed. Even if all you are doing is starting off into space and wondering what to have for dinner!

Of course, your not responsible for what others think, but you can help dispel this issue by having some clear boundaries between work and your personal and social life. Also, remember to be very clear that you don’t offer any advice outside of your practice.

You have to look after your own mental well being too.

Lastly, what students of psychology need to remember once they have graduated is that no matter what type of role they choose, they need to also look after their own mental well being. After all, you won’t be much good to your clients if you are burned out and depressed because you are overwhelmed by work.

To that end, if you are working in one to one, or client based arm of psychology, it’s crucial that you arrange and attend regular supervision sessions.

Also, those working with any form of psychology need to engage in regular physical exercise and ensure that they also pursue a create or fun hobby that has nothing to do with work. Something that can help not only provide you with a break but also afford you some better perspective when you return to your workplace.



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