Post PhD Update

It has been a little while since I have updated you on where my PhD / Career is at, mainly because things have been hectic, both for me and for the world.

In terms of my PhD I have finished making the corrections required and my Supervisor has recently approved these. Now I am waiting for the university committee to meet and confer my thesis and send me the ‘you are a Dr.’ email. I am also still working on publishing more of my PhD; I am about to resubmit one paper after addressing reviewer comments, one paper is under review, and one is ready to be submitting soon. Oh, and I need to organise getting my thesis printed!

In terms of my career, you may have seen in some of my other posts that I left my job as a project manager for a market research company. There are numerous factors for this which I am exploring in other blog posts, but in a nutshell I left to move back into academia. I have various casual positions back at the uni; teaching four online courses, lecturing one internal course (which has now moved online), additional marking, and a position I am particularly excited about is developing a course for the new online psychology degree being offered at my university!

Aside from this I am also going to continue researching with my primary supervisor, look at collaborating in research with another institute (when we are able to meet), continue the dr.ofwhat blog and YouTube Channel, and make some small improvements to the new house.





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