Post PhD Life Update

It has been a little while since I have provided an update on my life after thesis submission. A lot has been happening, both in my little life, and also in the world (which I am sure you are all across)! It has definitely been an odd time. 

As I have written about previously, I quit my role in market research and went back into casual online tutoring and marking. I  was also given the opportunity to develop a psychology course as part of the new Bachelor of Psychology (online degree). 

A few months ago while working casually I also applied for a full time position at my university. I received an email stating that all recruitment was on hold…

…then a few weeks after this email I received a phone call from one of the Deans offering me the position I applied for (on a one year contract). I was shocked, confused, and excited- I didn’t even interview. The position is an Online Course Facilitator, which is the Course Coordinator position in the online division of my uni. It is a level B position and is heavily teaching focused. 

The last few weeks have been particularly busy as I have started this new role while finishing up my tutoring contracts. My first course (intro to psych) starts up in a few weeks and I am so excited to be back to ‘9 – 5’ hours (give or take!). I feel very fortunate to be given a full time contract during these unknown times. 

Aside from this role, I am also supervising a PhD student, conducting my own research, working on publishing my PhD, and hopefully picking up some more research experience as I go along. 

And in terms of my PhD? I am still waiting for final conferral (due to an admin delay) so fingers crossed I will have that Dr title very soon.

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