Playlists for different work tasks

It is hard to remember a time before Spotify…when I didn’t have access to millions and millions of songs. I wonder if I would have been able to get through four years of a PhD without it? I have found lately that I have ‘go to’ genres of music depending on what task I am doing.


Editing/proofing- Instrumental or very calm music – Bonobo, older Ziggy Alberts, Kyle Lionheart


Writing- My go to is folk/indie folk. Something with a bit of tempo and with words but still not too distracting- e.g. Nahko, Noah & the Whale


Data visualisation- Something more fun to get the creative juices flowing- e.g. Lorde, Mallrat, Grouplove, Judah & the Lion, Nahko and Medicine for the people


Reference checking- forget spotify, put on Netflix! Friends reruns for me!

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