Plans for Dr.ofwhat

I genuinely cannot believe that I have had this blog for four years. It has seen me through from the start of my PhD journey to the end. I am so humbled by how many people engage with my content and I have had the pleasure of ‘meeting’ so many amazing people through this platform. 

I was always a little bit worried about what would happen to dr.ofwhat once my thesis was completed and have been considering the next steps for the blog for a while now. 

I am happy to say that I am most definitely not saying goodbye to dr.ofwhat, in fact I am hoping to continue to grow my little passion project. As long as people read (even if just one person reads), I will write. 


So what is on the horizon….

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The PhD Survival Guide– You may have noticed that a key part of this website is the PhD Survival Guide. I release a new part of the guide each week as well as a downloadable PDF and I have a lot of content to share. I want this to become a destination for PhD students.


Featured Day in the Life Blogs– I have been sharing other people’s ‘typical days’ for a few years now and this is one of my favourite segments on the blog. I will continue to share a variety of days.


My Personal / Lifestyle Content– I just love writing and creating content, so on top of PhD and research posts I love to share personal and lifestyle posts – particularly houses, products that I love, and travel. 


Academia / Work After Thesis– I think that a big part of the PhD journey is what happens after the thesis is complete. I want to share my experiences of work, supervision, and further research. 


A YouTube Channel– I am in the process of developing content for YouTube as a way to have ‘informal’ chats about the PhD experience and some Q&A segments. I am absolutely terrified to make the jump to YouTube but it is something that I have wanted to do for a while now. Blogs will still be my main form of content creation but I want the YouTube content to compliment this. 


Plus, some other little projects that I will share closure to them being complete!

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