Planning an Adventure in the Current Crisis

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It’s been a difficult year all round. The coronavirus pandemic has seen the vast majority of us stuck in our homes for the most part of the year. It’s not all too surprising that many of us are growing bored and are really starting to crave a sense of fun and adventure. Sure, the first few months of lockdown measures saw us explore areas we might not have tried out before – baking sourdough bread, trying our hand at painting or writing, learning new languages online… the list of trends goes on and on. But now, even these new novel tasks are wearing a little thin. But what can you do to create a sense of adventure when international travel is restricted, concerts and festivals have been cancelled, the cinemas and theatres are closed and galleries and museums are operating on a limited basis? Well, here are a few ideas to get your imagination going!


Plan a Road Trip

Just because international travel may be off the cards for many of us doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to stay to the confines of your own small neighbourhood. Sure, if the government has put your local area on lockdown, you do need to listen to their advice. But if travel is free across your country, why not plan a road trip? Of curse, you’ll need to be responsible. You’ll need to make sure you only travel with people in your bubble or household. You’ll also need to take along supplies to ensure your own and others’ safety, such as face masks and hand sanitiser. But all in all, you should be able to have a pretty good time! Use Burswood Car Rental to secure a safe vehicle that will get you from A to B and map out a clear route!


Socially Distanced Catch Ups


So many of us are stuck in our same old routine of talking to the same people day in and day out. Our partners, our closest friends, our closest family members. But why not take this free time that many people have on their hands as an opportunity to catch up with long lost loved ones? Reconnect with people from your past. You don’t need to get close to each other. In fact, you could hold video calls to catch up rather than meeting on a face to face basis. Most people are now familiar with apps like Zoom and Skype, so chances are arranging something will be relatively easy. It’s always worth reaching out and asking – the worst someone can say is no and you’ve not lost out on anything anyway!

Sure, 2020 has been a difficult year and we can’t downplay the severity of what has happened around the world. But if you want to feel more positive and have a nicer time, why not try out some of the ideas outlined above? They could really help to instill a sense of adventure into your life and lift your mood!

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