Pintrest is my work BFF


Pinterest is so much more than wedding planning, procrastibaking, and house envy. It is one of my goto tools at work.

One of the key elements of my job as a project manager in market research is data visualisation… and I love it! To me, data visualisation is science meets art. It is a way for me to be creative in ways that strict academic research never allowed. I love making infographics and report presentations.

I have found Pinterest to be one of the best places to look for inspiration for data visualisation, infographics, report layouts, posters, and almost any other aspect of research reporting. 

I keep a onenotebook with any inspiration I find and whenever I have ‘visualisationblock’, I scroll through my inspiration notebook.





So when you are lacking inspiration try typing ‘data visualization’, ‘infographic’ ‘report presentations’ and ‘report posters’ into pinterest.

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