PhD Wrap up: 2018

Aside from all the adventures I experienced in 2018, lots of PhD work was also achieved (although maybe not as much as I hoped).


2018 PhD Wrap Up

I finished analysing my data for study one (which is a qualitative media analysis)… and then I finished re-analysing some of the raw data after feedback from supervisors.

I had finished a draft of study 2, although it needs work as my supervisors now want to change it to two chapters in my thesis.

I competed in the three minute thesis competition.

I presented at my first international conference in the USA.

I have finished a first draft of my introduction chapter which is a brief discussion of sharks and the anthropogenic influences that are threatening shark species.

I have made a new plan for my study 3 (and finished a draft of the introduction and methods), whilst battling delayed ethics timelines.

I taught two introduction to psychology courses and marked for an additional two courses.

I networked and had the opportunity to meet with a senior at one of my ‘dream’ work places.

I expanded my research skills through research assistant work on a health science project.



So what is in store for 2019?

Well, I am hoping to submit my first study for publication by March (this timeline keeps getting delayed, but hopefully I will meet this one).

Work on updating study 2 and splitting it into two chapters.

Getting study 3 ethics, then starting data collection, analysing data, and then writing it up.

Writing up a section of my chapter 1 for publication.

Writing chapter 2.

Oh yeah….. & the big one- SUBMIT THE PHD!



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