PhD update, November.

I am not sure if it is the fact that it is half-way through November, that I have a million and one things to do, that I had a whirlwind trip around the USA for a couple of weeks, or (my money is on this one) a combination of all the above. But, I am feeling slightly unmotivated and overwhelmed with #phdlife at the moment.


Holiday hangovers are a thing, and unfortunately unlike normal hangovers hash browns and frozen cokes have little positive impact.  I returned from the USA to a pile of marking which I am slowly but surely getting through, more slowly than surely currently- but hey, I can blame the jetlag right? I previously published a post listing tips to tackle a holiday hangover. Present day Bri is listening to past Bri’s tips and they are working (I mean of course they are- I am a genius after all!). I have been looking after my body- eating reasonably healthy, last nights pizza excluded, and doing barre class regularly. My emails are up to date and I have already pencilled in ‘get organised’ on Monday’s to-do list. So, I am hoping that I will be back to my ‘normal’ phd-self next week.

The point of this post- aside from whinging about my current lack of motivation is to update you on my PhD! Sooooooooooooo in my last update post from August, I said that I would hopefully be submitting study 1 to a journal in a fortnight. That did not happen. My third supervisor is currently still drafting it. Study 1 manuscript has been a battle for a long time now. Study two may be getting spilt into two individual chapters/papers (it is also currently being drafted). Study 3 ethics application is in, but the process is taking longer than I was hoping. So, it is currently a waiting game for all three of my research projects- which is frustrating but part of the PhD game.

In good news though- I have started writing chapter 1 and will hopefully have a complete (rough) draft within the next month.

Looooooots to do before New Years and I hope my ‘end-of-the-year PhD update’ will have a bit more productive news than this one.

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