PhD Update, January


47685269_319803928861646_3421545383795359744_n-2In my last PhD update post from November I was whinging about my lack of motivation. I am happy to report that I am back on track with motivation (as much as one can be whilst trying to complete their thesis) and I have had a productive December and start of January.

I have submitted what I hope is my last draft of study 1 to my supervisors and am waiting to hear back from them before I can submit it (I know I have literally been saying ‘I am going to submit this paper soon’ for 18 months- laugh or cry!).

I have a complete draft of chapter 1 and it is ready to send off to my supervisors!

I have a plan for chapter 2.

I have completely torn my second study apart and I am now starting to be happy with it. There was so much information in study 2 that I was really struggling to tell a story. Since deciding to split it into two chapters/papers it has been coming together.

I just (literally one minute ago) got ethics approval for study 3!!!!

So, as I said- I am happy with the progress I have made over the last 2 months.


What am I planning to get done before the next PhD update (which will be at the end of March?)

·       Have submitted my first study (plllllllllllllllllease cross all your fingers)

·       Have a complete draft of study 2b ready for supervisors to look over

·       Have an idea for the structure for study 2a

·       Be collecting data for study 3

·       Have a draft of chapter 1 back from supervisors

·       Have a draft of chapter 2 ready to send to supervisors

(oh and I am also hoping to have a work free week holiday in this time soooooo I will be very busy).



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