PhD update, End of February


I am happy to report that I have been productive since my last PhD update post.

After a bit more editing I finally submitted my first study to a journal! I am just really hoping that it gets to the reviewer stage. So many hours went into the media analysis so sending it off was a huge relief- I celebrated with a nice bottle of wine!

Data collection for study 3 has began and I have a reasonable number of participants already!

After more discussions with my supervisors we decided not to split study 2 into two separate papers (YAY)! I have received a draft back for study 2 and a lot of work has to go into it (including re-doing my analyses).

My supervisors are currently working on my draft of chapter 1 and my draft of chapter 2 is about 70% complete!

Lets hope the motivation and productivity continues before my next PhD update which will be just before the Easter break (19th April) I am hoping to:

  • Finish the re-draft of study 2
  • Have a complete draft of chapter 2 sent to supervisors
  • Have re-drafted chapter 1 based on supervisor feedback
  • Complete data collection for study 3 and start analysing data
  • Finish 2x lots of marking
  • Write a section of a journal publication with my colleagues who attended the ConsMark Conference with me last year
  • Write & present a guest lecture on citizen science


& hopefully also sleep?




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