PhD Update, April


It has been a crazy few months since my last PhD update and I just feel like I haven’t stopped at all!

Study one was desk rejected from the first journal I submitted to but the journal suggested a different place to send it. It then got sent to that journal and the editor requested changes. My primary supervisor and I spent some time addressing this feedback and resubmitted it last week- FINGERS CROSSED IT GOES TO REVIEW!

I had to entirely re-do my study 2 draft, which I did and then I had to re-do a significant portion again. This involved learning how to make structural equation models on AMOS. I am so happy with this study now. It is punchy and interesting and the draft is up to its final stages (but still a few rounds of supervisor feedback to go- so we will see).

I decided to take some of the data from study 2 and create a mini-chapter/research note so that plan is also underway.

Data collection for study 3 is still going- but will be closed veeeeery shortly.

My section for a journal publication with my colleagues who attended the ConsMark Conference with me last year has been done- it is now being drafted and needs a little more work

Chapter 2 draft is veeeeeeeeery close to be done

oh, and I have marked 120+ assignments, been tutoring in person and online, applied for heaps of jobs (no luck as yet- lots of rejections though haha), and presented a citizen science lecture.

I told you I have been busy!

SO- What is next? Well, before the end of May even more needs to be done:

  • Finish draft of study 2
  • Finish draft of new mini-chapter
  • Analyse study 3 data
  • Write a first draft of study 3
  • Finish chapter 2
  • Mark a few more assignments (only 140ish)
  • Apply for a few more jobs
  • Finish the Consmark publication
  • Sleep??????????
  • oh yeah, and send a draft of chapter 1,2,3,4,5 AND 6 to my primary supervisor. NO. BIG. DEAL.

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