PhD Survival Guide; Tips for loved ones of PhD

Tip #1– Pay attention when they are talking about their PhD (or at least pay attention 20% of the time) so you can answer “what does [insert name] do for their PhD?” when you are put on the spot

Tip #2- Always make sure the coffee is stocked up (& the wine while you are at it!)

Tip #3- Expect them to be tired 87.7% of the time

Tip #4- Probably don’t ask when they are going to finish their PhD (when they know they will tell you)

Tip #5- Never refer to their PhD as ‘study’ or ‘uni’, go with ‘work’ or ‘research’ instead

Tip #6– Make them take time for themselves (even if they protest)

Tip #7- Celebrate the small wins with them

Tip #8- Know that they appreciate you (sometimes they just don’t say it – which they know is bad!)

Tip #9- Remember tip #2 is essential

Tip #10- Remember that a PhD doesn’t go forever (despite it feeling like it does) and that the PhD-related stress (theirs and yours) will be over soon




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  1. This is awesome. Just starting my PhD and have sent this to hubby. We have no one in our circle that has done anything like this so it’s all new! Thank you for posting this!

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