PhD Survival Guide; Times to be extra nice to yourself during your PhD


1) When you don’t get a reply after you’ve spent hours working up the to courage to email someone important

2) When you don’t get a significant statistics result

3) When others appear to be way more ahead in their research than yourself

4) When you have a first meeting with someone important (either in person or via skype/zoom)

5) When you finish your statistics and then realise you did something minor wrong which changes all your results

6) When you are just really not feeling it (whether you haven’t had enough sleep, or are coming down with a sickness, or for whatever other reason)

7) When your to-do list goes over two pages, and everything on there is essential

8) When you are at work past 9pm or on the weekends

9) When ‘life’ outside of your PhD is over-consuming

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