PhD Survival Guide; Probably obvious computer tricks

I am always surprised when I learn a new computer trick or shortcut that I probably should have known 10 years ago. So I thought I would list a couple of probably completely obvious ones that may just help you too!

  • Ctrl + A highlights everything which makes it super easy to group things
  • If you highlight empty cells of a table and change the font type and size then you don’t have to change cells individually
  • You can ‘cut’ information from a table to create a blank table that doesn’t change shape
  • You can move shapes/text boxes on PowerPoint with the arrows rather than just the mouse
  • Highlight the titles in your table and go *layout* repeat headers* to have them come up on each page if your table is multiple pages long
  • If your tables are being a pain in the ass and disrupting the text when you move it try *right click* table properties* and select ‘none’ or ‘around’ (whichever one is not selected)- my phd pal told me this one!
  • Use Power Thesaurus to find synonyms
  • Crtl + Backspace deletes a whole word at a time
  • If you are like me and need to google definitions of words all the time you can use the *smart lookup button* when you right click on a word in your word document. This saves you bringing up google!


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