PhD Survival guide; How to keep going when the passion is gone

Many of us start a PhD because we are curious and passionate about finding out things. Many of us choose our topics because we are passionate about it. However, a PhD is a marathon, and during the roller coaster, passion can fade. So how do you keep going when you feel as if you don’t give a f*** about your topic anymore?

Try to reignite the passion. This can be tricky, but you may be able to reignite the passion. It may only be a slight flicker of the passion that burned at the start of the PhD, but a flicker nonetheless. You could try talking to someone about the topic, not your PhD project, but the topic generally. Perhaps there is a show or documentary you could watch or a book that you could read about the topic.

Remember why you started. Even if you struggle to bring the passion back you can remember why you started in the first place. Answer the question – why your PhD topic? (in less than ten words). I have made a document to help you answer this, you could hang it up above your desk to keep reminding you. Click here to download the Free Document

Take a moment to reflect. Look back at how far you’ve come. You have got through so much of your PhD already, and while the last bit is hard, like really hard, you can do it.

Perfection is overrated. There is a saying that a good thesis is a done thesis and while this can seem somewhat complacent, there is definitely truth in this. You won’t change a world with a PhD. You are a student and this is a learning process. Do not let fear of an imperfect thesis stop you from having a completed one.

Make a ‘GTFO’ plan. Accept that you may not get your passion back and put a ‘Get the f*** out’ plan into action.


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