PhD Survival Guide; How to celebrate the small stuff

In previous blog posts, I have wrote about how celebrating the small stuff is really important whilst working on your PhD (or doing any job or university degree for that matter!). Waiting only until you achieve big tasks (like finishing a PhD) to celebrate will lead to burnout.

Here is five ideas for how to celebrate the small stuff:

Knock off drinks-  Grab your co-workers and hit the local bar for cocktails after work. It is a great way to relax and catch up outside of the office.

Buy cake- Cakes are not just for birthdays, when you’re an adult you can buy cakes whenever! Why not celebrate yours or your co-worker’s achievements with baked goods!

Give yourself an early ‘minute’- Leave work early to take some time for yourself- have a bath, go shopping, make a delicious meal. Do whatever it is that makes you happy.

Treat yo’ self- Buy yourself that thing you have had your eye on for so long!

Go out for dinner-  There is a reason why people often go out for dinner to celebrate things, and it is because any excuse will do for a delicious dinner out!

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