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First year at university is hard.

I must admit, I was naïve when I first attended university. I listened to my high school teachers preach that year 12 was the hardest year of your life and that everything would get easier after that. I (not wanting to brag) got through year twelve with not as much stress as I expected and ended up with a higher score than I thought I could achieve. Do not get me wrong I worked hard, but I was in a good routine of studying before school, working hard during school hours and then studying after school (for a couple of hours each night). I did not work during year twelve and therefore was still able to enjoy some “me time” on the weekends. When being accepted into the Psychology (honours) degree, I was told that I would need to maintain a GPA of 5.5 (out of 7- for those unfamiliar with the Australian University grading system) in psychology related subjects to keep my spot in honours. I did not think this was going to be a challenge- as I said I got through year 12 “the hardest academic year of my life” fine… I remember getting my first grade at university back, for an elective subject and receiving a HD.  My teachers were right- the next four years will be a breeze, I thought. In the very next class, on the same day I received my second grade. A P1! […]

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