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The P (…Procrastination) Word

Procrastination is a common element of many people’s days. I think even outside of work or study, we like to ‘put off’ the difficult or annoying things until tomorrow. Although Nike tries its damnedest to motivate us to “just do it”, it is often just not that easy. Although, we may never rid of procrastination completely, it is important to […]

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Waves, Whales & Water Views

Friday approximately 1pm- I am currently sitting on a rock at the beach watching the waves crash in (I am jotting down these notes in my phone). My boyfriend and I had a slightly rough start to our weekend away to Victor Harbor. I woke up with a terrible cold that I am hoping to can shake ASAP and when […]

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4 Ways to Plan Your Writing

Throughout high school and undergraduate university courses, we get told about the importance of planning before we start to write essays or reports (or any other type of writing for that matter). I used to think that we were just told this for the fun of it, kind of in the same way that you are told to read ALL […]

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