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Long Weekend in Lorne!

Lorne, on the Great Ocean Road is one of my favourite getaway spots and I have been there a few times! I went back over the long weekend with two of my oldest/longest friends and our partners. The weekend started with some editing at the airport- but I am happy to report this was the only PhD work done all […]

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The 6 Musts on your Bucket List

**In Collaboration**  You could go through life without setting any goals in life. Life would basically be a succession of doing things you like or dislike, just to get to the next day. For most people, that will sound like the most pointless exercise in life. Not something that fills people with excitement. That’s why it’s essential that people have […]

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Considering Careers that Can Help Others

**In Collaboration** Many of us pursue careers for the sake of money alone. This is understandable. After all, we work to make an income that can provide us with all of our essentials and afford us a better quality of life. But there are other things you might want to take into consideration when considering a career. For some of us, an important factor for our work is helping others. So, if this sounds like you, here are just a few careers you might want to consider that can significantly help others.   Nursing The medical field is a high intensity career option. You’ll work long hours and will have to exert extreme emotional control to give your patients the highest quality of care possible. You will find yourself working alongside some of society’s most vulnerable members, but you will be able to take steps to either get them on the road to recovery, or make them as comfortable as possible while they deal with their illness. There are a number of roles in medicine that you could pursue and each could change people’s lives. But for now, let’s take a look at nursing. Nurses have a long list of responsibilities. They administer injections, give medication to in-patients, take blood samples, take urine samples, manage intravenous lines and observe and record patients’ conditions. On top of this, they will be a general point of contact and support for the friends […]

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