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Featured ‘day in the life of’: Ashley Dietitian, PhD student & diabetes blogger & advocate.

The ninth featured ‘day in the life of’ post is from Ashley who is a dietitian from Melbourne. Ashley is also a PhD student & the creator of the blog Ashley posted this Day in the Life of post on her blog & kindly let me repost it onto mine! A day in the life of Ashley (PhD Student & Dietitian): Welcome to a […]

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Thoughts every* PhD student has…

*Obviously as I always say I can not speak on behalf of ALL PhD students, but I needed to make the title dramatic. 1.Situation: Looking at timeline/goal sheets “Oh look, there goes another deadline” 2. Situation: When meeting someone new and they ask you what you do for work “Please don’t ask me to explain what a PhD is, nodding and […]

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Featured ‘day in the life of’: Natasha, PhD student researching breast cancer therapies.

The eighth featured ‘day in the life of’ post is from Natasha who is a PhD student from Scotland who researchers breast cancer therapies and is the face behind the ‘surviving_science’ Instagram and blog A day in the life of Natasha (PhD Student): I’m Natasha, a second year PhD student at Edinburgh University in Scotland. I’m studying how a type of breast cancer […]

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