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Vlog: Spontaneous Surf Sleep Over

A couple of weeks ago Jake and I went on a last minute road trip for one night to catch some waves and beach hop across the coast. See more photos here: And check out the short clip from our adventures below!   Advertisements

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Study Documents: ToDo Lists

As you may have caught onto in my previous blogposts I love to use ‘Todo lists’ to stay organised. There are many different types of ‘todo lists’ that can be helpful, so I thought I  would create four different pdf ‘todo lists’ to inspire everyone to get organised.   ‘A University Todo list’ This list can be used to separate […]

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Featured ‘day in the life of’: Laura, PhD student researching human hair follicles

This is a new segment on Dr.Ofwhat where we will feature different PhD students, researchers, students, and people in a diverse range of other careers day to day life, in a guest ‘day in the life of post’. The first featured ‘day in the life of’ post is from Laura who created the blog A day in the life of Laura […]

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