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How to prepare for a long(ish) presentation.

Oral presentations terrify many of us. Even confident extroverts would often avoid presenting a long speech- but in many subjects, university courses and careers, public speaking is an important component. This is particularly true in academia… I mean we have conference presentation in front of hundreds of people. I already have nightmares about my first conference, although it will probably […]

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How to grapple with criticism

The world of research and academia is critical. Full stop. No ifs or buts… your work will get criticised. The very basis of publication involves ‘peer review’, which is where other researchers in your field provide critical feedback of your work and decide if it should get published. Your proposal will be criticised by panel members. Your drafts are criticised […]

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Why I stopped reading “those” articles I saw on Facebook

I, like a lot of people enjoy the odd scroll through my Facebook newsfeed and I used to make the mistake of clicking on those articles from the ‘gossip/news’ pages (which I won’t name but I am sure you know) which have a headline something along the lines of 10 signs that…. I am not talking about the articles filled with perfect ‘gifs’ to describe situations (I actually greatly appreciate these), or the list of movies you must watch (although I sometimes disagree with the list I also often find some great new options- plus I wrote one of these types of articles myself!) or the articles about the latest celebrity drama (Kayne vs Taylor, which I may find irrelevant but not an issue). I am talking about the articles that tell you “the 10 signs you need to know that you do not love your partner”, or “the 10 reasons why getting married in your 20s is leaving the party early”, only to be followed the very next day by “10 reasons why getting married young is the best decision you could make”, or the “10 reasons why you should quit your job and travel the world”. As a woman in my young 20s, I am still deciding exactly who I am and what sort of life I want for myself. This is why I have sworn off these types of articles. Just like horoscopes, you will be able to […]

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