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The little changes I’ve made that have increased my happiness.

I have always been a believer in appreciating the small things this wonderful world has to offer, and since everything that happened last year I have started to take time to reflect, a lot and often. Lately one of the things I have reflected on is that I have made some really small changes that have really helped increase my happiness (if only slightly some days). So this is my little list: Showering at night– Having a shower when I get home from work is one of the best stress releases. Not watching the news– I very rarely watch the news now. I was finding it really draining, and since doing research on the media, I was also finding it frustrating. I get the news I need to through my phone, I don’t need to watch it before and/or after work. Dancing while cooking- Instead of watching TV while I cook, I listen to music and dance around. Take Frog for a walk– As Frog’s training is paying off, I am now able to easily take him for a walk, so I do that most days when I get home (unless I work late). My Nespresso machine- I finally purchased a Nespresso machine, and I must say it has changed my mornings. Waking up and getting to have a delicious coffee in my own home is the best way to entice me out of bed.

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Coping With Homesickness As An Adult

** In Collaboration**  Remember that feeling of missing home you’d get when you were a kid? It could wreck slumber parties or school trips. It’s something you get used to as you get older, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience homesickness as an adult. When you live away for work or study, or you’re travelling, there are times when […]

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