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How Your Office Environment Can Boost Your Chances Of Writing A Half-Decent Thesis

** In Collaboration**  Ph.D. students have, in general, got it rough. Not only do we have to work hard day and night studying esoteric papers, but there’s comparatively little support out there for people in our position. One area, in particular, is underserved: that of the humble Ph.D. office. While Google and Facebook install helter-skelters and ball pits for their colleagues, most Ph.D. students have to make do with their bedroom in rented accommodation – and environment which may not be suited to profound intellectual endeavor. Writing a thesis is a surprisingly laborious process. It’s not just 50,000 words. Anybody with a couple of brain cells to rub together can write something of that length if they put their minds to it. It’s 50,000 words of original material which adds to the body of human knowledge – a much more trying task. Not all people who enroll in Ph.D. programs make it through to the end in one piece. However, one thing that Ph.D. students can do is use the insights gleaned from companies over the years for what constitutes a productive office environment. Firms have worked out, mostly through trial and error, that if they change their offices in specific ways, they can make their workers more productive, happier, and stick around longer. Do you want to be more productive while writing your Ph.D.?  Do you want to be happier?  Do you want to stick around and complete your […]

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How Your Digestion Affects Every Area of Your Life

** In Collaboration** If you would like to find one area of your health that you can manage better, and one that is responsible for many areas of your life, it is your digestion. Your digestive system is closely related to your immune system and your nervous system, so it is keeping your body and mind balanced. When things go wrong with your digestion, you will need to look at your lifestyle and find a way to make changes. Your gut has the ability to make you feel good or bad about yourself. Find out more below. Feeling Heavy and Bloated  We often say after a big dinner or a barbecue that we feel heavy and bloated. This has a negative impact on our energy level. If your digestive system is too busy dealing with the pressure you put on it, the rest of your body and your organs will be affected, too. Trying to reduce portion sizes and eating less more often can help you get rid of that bloated feeling and stay more focused. Concentration  When your body is dealing with hard to digest food, there will not be enough energy going into your brain. You can improve your concentration and focus if you deal with your digestive issues. Make sure that you find a stretch, an exercise, or a diet that works for you, so you can avoid being hungry and feeling bloated. Google the size of […]

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