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Featured ‘day in the life of’: Andrea, English PhD student

The third featured ‘day in the life of’ post is from Andrea who created the blog A day in the life of Andrea (English PhD Student): Hello everyone! I’m Andrea, a 4th year PhD student studying English (Writing, Rhetorics and Literacies) at Arizona State University. My research focuses on fashion rhetoric, material culture, and feminist rhetoric. Previous projects have included an analysis of […]

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How to have a productive holidays!

School’s out, scream and shout…. Because you have a million assignments to do… Many uni students are currently on holidays, and school holidays are also fast approaching, so I thought now is a perfect time to reveal my tips for having a productive holidays. Tip 1: Plan! Write down a list of tasks that you must complete during the holidays […]

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Featured ‘day in the life of’: Kristina, Animal Conservation Student

The second featured ‘day in the life of’ post is from Kristina who created the blog A day in the life of Kristina (Animal Conservation student): Growing up on the small island of Guernsey I fell in love with the ocean and the beach. Due to its isolation however, l grew up longing to travel and experience exotic wildlife. At the age of […]

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