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House details #7

It has been almost three months since my last ‘house update‘ blog post so I thought it was time for a new one. The bar has had a few new additions, and was also used for a party for the first time a few weeks ago! Some more plants have been added including some chilli plants which I just potted […]

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Dr.ofwhat Blog Wrap up: 2018

I have already published my adventure wrap up and PhD wrap up for 2018 and now it is time for the dr.ofwhat blog wrap up. Dr.ofwhat turned 2 during 2018 and as I have said so many times before I genuinely can’t believe how much this little blog has grown during this time. During 2018 this website received almost 14,500 […]

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PhD Wrap up: 2018

Aside from all the adventures I experienced in 2018, lots of PhD work was also achieved (although maybe not as much as I hoped). 2018 PhD Wrap Up I finished analysing my data for study one (which is a qualitative media analysis)… and then I finished re-analysing some of the raw data after feedback from supervisors. I had finished a […]

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