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Favourites; Adairs Cushion!

A few weeks ago now I discovered the cutest pillow in Adairs and I just knew that I had to have it and share it on the blog! It is part of the Dana Kinter collection and it was the perfect match to my other mustard pillows- so stoked! Check out the Adairs website for a whole range of pillows […]

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Featured day in the life of: Michelle, Masters of Science student focused on the effects of flaxseed and it’s oil.

Hi, I’m Michelle! I’m a 2nd year MSc student at the University of Toronto. My research focuses on the effects of flaxseed and it’s oil, lignan, and fiber components on the gut microbiome and surrounding tissue structures. The microbiome is continually influenced by your diet and it’s respective metabolic products (e.g. short chain fatty acids, enterolignans). And flaxseed is an […]

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