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Featured ‘Day in the life of’: Steph, a 4th year veterinary student.

Hello everyone! I’m Steph and I’m a 4th year veterinary student in Australia. As you can imagine, my life currently revolves around animals, and when I’m not studying at university, I’m working at my local vet hospital, volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation centre, or teaching pig handling at the university farm. I’m currently working on a research project as part […]

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A PhD update

You may have noticed that I have not been talking about my PhD much lately on my blog or Instagram. This is because I have been on a break from my PhD studies since the end of August (if you are unsure why read here). At first, I genuinely thought that I would be okay to go back to work, […]

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Featured ‘Day in the life of’: Kat, a first year PhD student researching the effects of oil palm monoculture on orangutan behaviour.

Day in the life of Kat (PhD student):  Selamat Pagi! I’m Kat from Bristol in the UK, and I’m a first year PhD student currently studying the effects of oil palm monoculture on orangutan behaviour and feeding ecology. I can talk for England, so here is my attempt at a concise summary of my current life. At the moment I […]

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