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Featured ‘day in the life of’: Laura, PhD student researching human hair follicles

This is a new segment on Dr.Ofwhat where we will feature different PhD students, researchers, students, and people in a diverse range of other careers day to day life, in a guest ‘day in the life of post’. The first featured ‘day in the life of’ post is from Laura who created the blog A day in the life of Laura […]

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How I manage to work so many different jobs

I recently was successful at gaining a volunteer position as a state coordinator for an NGO, which is my fifth on-going job (along with my PhD, chairperson position, netball coach, blogger & other general academic things) and I also hold three other positions at different times throughout the year (bookstore, marking & other environmental volunteering). Working all these jobs obviously means […]

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Tassie travels 4/4: Home Base, Launceston

This is the last of the ‘Tassie Travel blog post series’ if you haven’t yet check out the first three: The First Vlog is also up (there are more to come) Our last stop on our Tassie adventure was Launceston which is the second largest city in Tasmania.  As soon as we arrived in Launceston it lived up to […]

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