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The Finblog on “World Wildlife Day 2018”

Want some World Wildlife Day 2018 inspiration- check out the YouTube video. Big Cats or the panthera genus comprises species of lion, tiger, jaguar, and leopard, categorised by their capacity to roar (excluding the snow leopard, which was added to the group in 2008). The Big Cat species (and other related classes including the panther, cheetah, and puma) face multiple […]

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‘The Change Box’ February unboxing.

It is time for another ‘The Change Box’ unboxing, although this one is a little late, as I have been out adventuring again (stay tuned for blog posts about where I’ve been). The change box subscription has recently switched from monthly to bi-monthly, for more information go to the website here. Also don’t forget to use the discount code “DROFWHAT” […]

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The Finblog on “What Is Conservation Psychology?”

Thank you for all the messages – it’s great to see so many people interested in conservation psychology! Conservation psychology is not considered a ‘sub-discipline’ of psychology, but rather, a ‘field’ – the difference being that a ‘sub-discipline’ involves members that are trained in the same area (e.g., podiatrists/podiatry), while a ‘field’ encompasses people that have been trained in different […]

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