‘Operation GTFO’- What my timetable looks like now


50766628_786251348375670_8050214063688384512_n-2My GTFO plan is definitely underway and I am starting to see some progress with my thesis, which is exciting… and a relief!

I wrote in a blog post a little while ago that I would have to be doing longer hours in the office, and that has definitely been true. I try to still have work life balance, although currently it is 75% work, 25% life. Most weeks I am doing three days of 8.30am – 7pm (ish), and then most weekends that I don’t have anything on I am also at work.  Normally on the other two weekdays I do a ‘normal’ 8/9 hours. These are long hours, but hey, it is the end of a PhD so I expected it. Everyone nearing the end of their PhD will have different timetables, but everyone is busier!

Although I have a thesis to write, I am trying my hardest to ensure I squeeze as much into the ‘life’ part of my schedule as I can and here is how I am doing that:

Exercise- I have finally found a form of exercise that I genuinely enjoy going to. I go to a studio that has barre, yoga & pilates. I am making sure I go a minimum of three times a week and I often force myself to go later at 7.30, as it means that I stay at work until then.

Have one night off- I make sure that there is one night during the week that I will not be at work past 5! This is the night to spend time with my partner and housemates often doing something like games night. I try to have this be Wednesday as it breaks up the week well!

Find the little times- I find whatever little times during the day to ‘relax’ that I can. My favourite way to do this is by finding a good playlist and dancing in the car.

Minimise the guilt- Guilt is part of a PhD student’s blood. Whenever we are not doing our work, we feel guilty. However, I ensure that I don’t procrastinate too much during the day (my time spent on my phone has dropped drastically these last 6 months) and keep track of my achievements, so that when I leave the office I know I don’t need to feel too guilty.


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