‘Operation GTFO’ How I found writing my introduction chapters.


The introduction chapters are a weird part of the thesis process. I thought I would write them throughout my three years – in between doing all the research for my studies… that is definitely not how it worked out. Instead, while in the middle of data analysis, writing up studies, and drafting studies, I started writing the two large introduction chapters.

Not ideal, but common, and I actually really enjoyed being able to take a break from statistics and ‘hard science’ writing and do something a little more creative.

Before I started writing, I loosely planned what I was going to put into each of the chapters- this allowed me to see the story flow and also allocate time for each paragraph in my ‘operation gtfo plan’. This made the large daunting task, a little less scary.

Then I allocated myself solid 2-3 hour blocks of writing. I find you need to spend time when writing, it is not something I can put down and pick up continually.

When I wasn’t in the writing frame of mind I would go over and edit the previous paragraphs I wrote. The drafting process is long and on-going and that is even before I have sent it to my supervisors for comment. So I found doing edits in small sections more manageable.

I also left the chapters for a while without reading or editing them. This way I could look over the chapters with fresh eyes. This allowed me to pick up on those minor editing errors I usually overlook (like spilt vs split).

I am excited that the two introduction chapter drafts are done and have been sent off to my primary supervisor for comment.

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