November’s top 3

Check out October’s top 3 (if you haven’t already) here.

Product- Dollar Shave Club:

Advertisements for the dollar shave club have been popping up on my Facebook for months but I was super skeptical. I finally tried it and love it! You get a stainless steel shaver handle (better for the environment than plastic) with your first delivery and then every month after that you get the blades! The cheapest & best shavers i’ve used- plus you don’t have to worry about running to the shop when you desperately need to shave!

real peach

Music- Henry Jamison

If you enjoy folk/indie music and want easy songs to listen to whilst working- check out Henry Jamison on spotify. My favourite song of his is ‘Real Peach’. Also check out his Instagram here 

Product- Pimple stickers (SPOT MEDIC) 

My good friend introduced me to these beauties. They are little clear stickers that you put on those pesky pimples at night. They help with redness, and reduce the size of the pimple, plus they also stop you from picking at them. Sometimes it takes two or three nights, but they really do work!

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