NON ‘Operation gtfo’- My favourite procrastination activities.

I normally post blog posts for my series ‘operation gtfo’ which are all aimed around me trying to finish my PhD. But the truth is, I am not always productive and ticking things off my to do list. So this is this first post in the NON ‘operation gtfo’ series- my favourite ways to procrastinate….

  • Gardening– My non-green thumbs love to get stuck into some gardening. A favourite past time of theirs is buying new herbs for my herb garden, only for them to die within a week
  • Cooking– I love cooking, I always have big plans for delicious dinners. But then when I am peeling the 2nd (out of 6) potatoes to mash them I begin to resent it
  • Hiking- It is so nice to get out into the fresh air. I love seeing all the amazing wildlife South Australia has to offer. I especially love complaining about walking up steep hills
  • Blogging- Perhaps the best form of procrastination there is. Surely there is nothing better than procrastinating by writing a blog post about procrastination
  • Searching for Jobs– My latest form of procrastination. Looking for jobs on 10 different job search platforms and going so deep that I end up contemplating applying for jobs I am completely not qualified for- sureeeeely I could be a buyer for a fashion label?


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  1. I too am fond of job-hunting when I ought to be writing! It somehow looks productive, and I enjoy imagining myself as an employed person rather than facing up to the reality that I am a student with a lot to do.

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