New Organisation Tips

I am such a sucker for organisations, I love spreadsheets and to-do lists, and finding new ways to stay organised.

Since starting work full time while also trying to finish a PhD, I have been trialling new ways to stay organised.

  1. Google Calendar- Using a Google Calendar is great because I can log into it on my phone, work computer, and laptop, and you can also share it with a partner to stay on top of everything that is happening.
  2. Google Sheet Schedule- I use a google sheet spreadsheet as my to-do list and schedule for work. This again allows me to log into the to-do list from various devices
  3. OneNote- At work I need to manage multiple projects simultaneously, and I need to stay on top of lots of details for each project (names of clients, deadlines, links etc). I keep all these details in OneNote (a different page for each project).
  4. Email Folders- Keeping on top of emails is a new years resolution for many of us and it is often hard to stick to. But I am trying extra hard to keep outlook organised, including having email folders for different projects to file emails, and also flagging emails for follow up.



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