My Money Habits

I don’t know if it is because my mum works in the banking industry, or if it is because I am obsessed with organisation and spreadsheets, but I really enjoy staying on top of my money and using a variety of techniques to do so. I am definitely no a money expert, but I wanted to share some of the things that I have found helps me.


  • Listen to ‘She’s on the Money’ podcast- I have to thank my best friend for this tip as she recommended this podcast to me. It is a really accessible and easy to understand podcast about all things money.
  • Round up your accounts- Approximately once a week I go onto my banking app and if my spending account has $221.79 in it, I transfer the $1.79 to savings. It doesn’t seem like much but it all adds up. Kind of the same principles as a loose change jar!
  • Pay your mortgage weekly- If you have a mortgage, try to pay your repayments weekly and if you can pay a little bit above the required repayments amount. It will make a huge, HUGE, difference to your interest. 
  • Dabble with investments- This is something I am new too. But there are some apps which are great for dipping your toes into investing in shares. CommSecPocket is the one I use, where you can put in a small amount of money to predetermined stock portfolios. I have started investing the small amount of money I make from this blog as another form of savings. 
  • Diversify your income- I have touched on this in a previous blog post, but I find that being a ‘slashy’ and having multiple forms of income (my fulltime job, marking, online teaching, and the blog) helps me save! It is hard work and I know not possible for everyone but it definitely helps me.

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