My first ever guest lecture


I was lucky enough to get offered two teaching positions this semester, which I have really enjoyed (even with all the craziness of life that has been happening). Then I was even luckier because I was asked to do an hour guest lecture for the sustainable tourism course that I teach for.

I was so excited and nervous when I got offered it… then previously mentioned crazy life happened, and I got even more nervous.

I still wanted to do it, but I felt so disorganised. I am generally a person that would write a lecture 4 weeks before and practice it word for word… I finished writing my notes for this lecture a day and a half before I had to give it (I was swamped with marking and life).

But I knew I had to persevere because Jake was so excited about me giving it (he even joked that he would sneak into watch). And aside from that, I have dreamed about giving a lecture for a couple of years now and it was such a huge opportunity… I didn’t want to blow it.

Even though I only got time to run through it once, whilst cooking dinner, I actually felt surprisingly comfortable with the content (I guess that is what happens when you are talking about your PhD which consumes your life).

I was so happy with how it turned out, I may have spoke a little quick in sections, but all in all I think it was a success. I even got a compliment from a student after which is a good sign!

It really cemented that I love sharing my knowledge and passion with students (off all ages). I have been lucky enough to do presentations to reception students, older primary school students, high school students & university students this semester. I am grateful that I have found something that I think I was made to do. 

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