My Favourite places from my Europe trip

Since returning home from my European adventures, I have been asked so many times what my favourite places were. Being asked this, made me reflect for myself and I have managed to dwindle the list down to four favourite places (but don’t ask me to pick just one!).

1. Old Town, Stockholm- Gamla Stan was a place that made me feel so warm and fuzzy. It looked like it was straight out of a fairy tale and I was so content wandering the streets whilst the snow fell. I still dream of the feeling I had whilst drinking hot chocolate in the windowsill of a cute cafe watching children play in the snow.


2. Iceland (the whole country)- Iceland blew my mind. The locals were so kind (they literally stop their cars in the middle of the road to let you cross), the nightlife was incredible, and Reykjavik was so funky. This is without even mentioning the nature, which is the highlight of Iceland. Some of the landscapes I saw were so stupidly pretty they looked fake!


 3.  Scotland (the whole country)- Scotland surprised me the most, it was probably the place I was least excited for, but it was incredible. Again, the locals were so friendly, the cities were cool, and the landscapes stunning. Plus- learning to highland dance was one of the funnest nights I had on my entire trip.


4. Galway, Ireland-  So although I said don’t ask me to pick just one place, if I had to, Galway would probably be it! I felt so genuinely happy drinking and listening to Irish music in the traditional Galway pubs. It is a place I am itching to get back to, and a place that will hold a little piece of my heart forever.


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