Must-Haves for Your Vacation First Aid Kit

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It’s that time of year when many of us are starting to prepare for our summer holiday. You might have already begun to pack or write your packing list. You might have gotten stuck into the sales to find all of the holiday essentials that you need, and you are probably trying to think of all of the things that you usually forget. Holidays are fantastic. They are a great chance to relax and unwind and an excellent time to catch up on some sleep. But, preparing for the holiday can be stressful. Even more so if you are travelling with kids or a large family.


One thing that you may not have even thought about packing is a first aid kit. None of us wants to believe that we’ll get hurt or injured on our holiday, but unfortunately, it happens. While if you are staying at a hotel, or visiting a tourist attraction, there is bound to be a first aider or other professional that can help you. You never know what can happen when you are out on your own, or where you’ll be when you have an accident. That’s why a first aid kid should always be high up on your packing list. But what should you put in it?

Prescription Medication

If you take any prescription medication, it could be a massive mistake to forget it, or not to have enough to last for the duration of your trip. Visit your doctor, explaining how long you’ll be gone and getting whatever you need. It’s also worth checking for any restrictions on your flight, or at your destination to avoid getting into trouble.


Pain Relief

It’s always a good idea to take basic painkillers just in case you get a headache or sustain a mild injury. Xylocaine ointment for pain relief can also come in handy, and if you are travelling with young children, child-safe painkillers are a must.



Such a simple thing that you can probably buy all over the world, but you don’t know how expensive they might be, what they will be made of, and how quickly you could get them in an emergency. Taking a small box of plasters with you wherever you go can help if you get a small cut or blister.


After Sun

As much as we try to avoid sunburn, it can happen. Even mild sunburn can hurt your skin, make it hard to sleep and take some of the enjoyment out of your trip. Pack some after sun, even if you hope never to use it.


Allergy Relief

You never know what you are going to come across when you are in a different place. Even if you’ve never suffered from hay fever or allergies at home, you might when you are in entirely different conditions.



Sometimes a plaster isn’t enough, but you don’t require medical attention, as long as you’ve got a bandage. Having bandages in your first aid kit can help you to avoid perhaps costly and time-consuming trips to the doctors.


Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Even small cuts and scrapes can become dangerous if they get infected, which can happen if they are not cleaned effectively. Soap and water can go a long way, but a quick anti-bacterial wipe can make sure.

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