Must Have Items for University


When I first started university I expected to receive a ‘booklist’ with all the items I would need for my degree, however no such list ever arrived. I realised then that I am now truly a ‘big kid’ and that I would have to decipher what I would need to succeed myself. Whilst I started university with all the necessary items, it was not until the end of my degree that I had truly developed a list of “must have” items. So to save you the trouble of deciphering your own list, here is mine:

1) A Spotify account- Or some other form of music streaming. It will make those late night study sessions breeze past, and also comes in handy when others are loud in ‘silent’ study areas!
2) A bag- Whilst you are no longer at school, a backpack (or other larger bag) still comes in handy.
3) Staple clothing- Buy some basic clothes that you can mix and match, you get realllllly over finding a different outfit to wear.
4) A good laptop- It is worth spending money on a high quality and reliable laptop/computer as you will be using it a lot and you want it to last for your entire degree. My personal choice is the Microsoft surface pro 3 and I absolutely love it!
5) A diary- If you have read some of my other blog posts you may notice that I talk about my diary a lot, so it is not surprising that this makes my list.

6) A reliable data storage plan- This may include a USB, external hard drive, or a drop box account. However, it is even more beneficial to have all of the above!
7) A TV show on the go- Have a TV show to binge on for ‘study breaks’, it will be something to look forward to and keep you motivated… or completely strip you of productivity entirely (if you need some inspiration for what to watch follow this link

8) A notebook- Many people plan to just use their laptop to write lecture notes… if they plan on writing notes at all. I find having a notebook is still beneficial as it allows you to quickly scribble down any important notes.
9) A water bottle- You need to keep hydrated so invest in a reusable drink bottle- this will save you money and help reduce plastic waste!
10) Snacks- Stock up on snacks, the café is often overpriced!

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  1. You are on the mark! When I was due to arrive Hong Kong, I was told to bring things I will need but a lot was left out. Things that will actually take me through each day as a PhD student. Thank you!

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