Moving Out Doesn’t Have to be as Stressful as You Think

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Moving house is probably one of the biggest stresses you can ever put yourself through. Your to-do list ends up being longer than your arm, deadlines seem to rush towards you and your emotions are all over the place as you try to navigate excitement, sadness and the inevitable stress of change.

But there are ways to reduce your stress and this doesn’t have to be an ordeal. With a few simple tricks and a little more mindfulness, this day can run much more smoothly.


Don’t Move in One Go

One of the biggest myths about moving is that you have to do everything in one day. This simply isn’t true! You can put most of your things into storage over a period of time before moving and then gradually collect your stuff as and when you are ready in the new place.

In chain sales, you may be pressured to hand over your keys as soon as you receive the keys to your new property. But, you can make things a little easier by moving into temporary rented accommodation over the week before and for the week afterwards. This buys you a little more time, though it does add an extra step in moving your stuff.

Start Preparing as Early as Possible

If you are panicking about moving out, preparation is the best thing for calming your nerves. Writing a list of the essentials you need to take with you is a good idea and beginning to pack up some of the things you don’t use all the time will help too. So, things like ornaments or rarely used items are perfect for going into storage. The more time you have to sort your house out, the easier it will be and the more your stress will be reduced.

Researching and reading tips for moving house will also help you to prepare. There are lots of really good ideas to make things easier from colour coordinating your boxes to creating a moving caddy so you never lose your scissors and  tape! The more organised you are, the calmer you will be – just follow your own instructions.

Be Mindful While You Pack

Knowing that moving will be stressful and acknowledging this is really important. If you can accept that you are stressed and be mindful of it, you will be able to handle it a little bit better. This is because you can see when your stress is creeping up on you and then reframe your thoughts or take a break.

Change is stressful because it forces us into the unknown. To combat this, it’s a good idea to visit the area you are moving to a few times before you go. This way, you can visualise where you are going and imagine yourself being happy there.

Saying goodbye to your current home is also important as this provides a celebration of the time you have spent there. Hosting a dinner party with your friends and family is a lovely way to say goodbye and make one last memory together.

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