More thoughts every* PhD student has

If you haven’t read the first list of thoughts every* PhD students have go here,

*Obviously as I always say I can not speak on behalf of ALL PhD students.

1. Situation: When asked what you are going to do after a PhD:

Ummmmmmmmmm…….I genuinely feel like I will be doing this forever so I can’t even think about that


2. Situation: When you forget how to ‘sum’ in excel:

It must be home time- tell me again how I got into a PhD


3. Situation: When you realise it is nearly the end of second year



4. Situation: When its 2:30 on a Wednesday & everything is going wrong

How many barista made coffees and sweets can I buy until my savings run out?


5. Situation: When it’s 40 degrees

Ain’t it good that I can work from home…in bed… under the aircon


6. Situation: When you graph some results

*tears of happiness*


7. Situation: When a fellow PhD student hands in their PhD:

Oh, so there is an end…..




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