More Of You: Injecting Your Personality Into Your New Home

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When you move into a new place, the temptation can be to start renovating, pull everything out, and make it inherently you. Whether you are lucky enough to have your own home or not, injecting your personality into the space isn’t too tricky, but it’s about doing the right things to ensure that it is all about who you are, reflected within and outside of the home.


Thinking About That Kerb Appeal

Personality is, nine times out of ten, about the interiors, but if you want to have an impact on people that walk by the property, you’ve got to show it outside! Somebody like curb appeal doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavour it is about picking the right things to show all together what your property can do. Something like decorative concrete can rejuvenate the pathway from the pavement to the front door. And then when you put it next to a handful of colours, as displayed by your favourite flowers, it automatically creates a little bit of sunshine, that reflects your sunny personality. Don’t have a sunny disposition? Then you can keep it plain and simple.


Find The Hub Of The Home For You

Some people feel at home in the kitchen, and while the kitchen is the focal point for many people, if you want somewhere that’s all about relaxing, and ensuring that you have space to yourself, you could stay away from the kitchen, focus on a spare room, and decorate it in a way that encourages you to calm down. You need to find the hub of the home. This isn’t just a place where you can relax, but it’s somewhere that you can not worry about the world. You can go in there, unwind in a way that you want, and leave the room feeling rejuvenated.


Don’t Underestimate The Hallway

The hallway as soon as you enter the property, is the first thing you will see, after a long day, or if you’ve got visitors coming by. And therefore, it needs to form a part of who you are. Take the opportunity to hint at what is inside by decorating the space with pictures, and add that little bit of “you.” You can put a plant in the hallway, or have a small table, as well as a little stool that adds a bit more character. It’s all of these little things that can serve to remind you that you are at home. You want that instant rush of relief after a long stressful day; the hallway can provide this.


Fix The Lighting

Do you have a bright and vibrant personality? Then you can install LED light fixtures that suit your temperament. On the other hand, if you want to come home and feel instantly relaxed, installing a dimmer switch gives you the power to alter the environment as you see fit. When you want to inject personality into your own home, you have to think about things that rejuvenate you, especially after a long and difficult day.

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