Living With A Dog: How To Keep Your House Clean

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Whether you’re thinking of getting a pet dog or already have one, it’s likely you already know that dogs aren’t always the cleanest of animals. As a result, they can easily turn the interior of any home into one that has that unmistakeable dog scent, and with lots of their hair moulted onto various surfaces!

If you want to have a canine companion in your life but are rather houseproud, what should you do to resolve this predicament? Well, the good news is there are plenty of ways to live with a dog and still have a clean home. Is there a secret or some magical formula to achieving such a goal? No, only a few practical and perhaps even common-sense ideas! Want to know what they are? Keep reading to find out more:


Consider a breed that doesn’t moult so much

It’s no secret that some breeds of dogs shed their hair more than others. With that in mind, if you aren’t after a specific breed, you should consider looking at breeds that have short coats or ones that seldom moult a lot. Examples of such breeds include some Terriers, Basenjis, Schnauzers, Irish Water Spaniels, and Chinese Crested dogs. The latter breed comes in two varieties – hairless and “powderpuff” (soft hair). Doing some research online will uncover all kinds of hypoallergenic breeds that might be more suitable for you and your home.


Have a regular cleaning regime in place

If you’re someone that either lives alone or doesn’t clean their homes as often as they should, you’ll need to put in place a regular cleaning regime. Even if you have a breed of dog that doesn’t moult a lot, you’ll still find that they make a mess in your home in other ways.

For instance, whenever you let them in your garden to play or relieve themselves, they could end up with muddy paws. And if they shake around on the grass outside and then lie down on your carpet inside, you’ll soon end up with dirty flooring. Plus, the longer you leave it to clean up such dirty surfaces, the harder it can be (and longer it will take) to put things right.

No-one is saying that you should spend seven hours a day cleaning your home from top to bottom. But, what you should do is clean “little and often” in your abode rather than leaving long intervals between each cleaning session.

If you are thinking of introducing a puppy into your home, a regular cleaning regime is extremely important. One of the things you’ll need to bear in mind is that puppies will need a lot of “potty training” and so are likely to end up using any available floor space to relieve themselves!

With that in mind, the good news is that there are plenty of products (and even carpet cleaning services) that can tackle pet stain and odor removal. When you have a puppy, the key is to clean up any “presents” they leave you as quickly as reasonably possible. That way, the chances of any permanent staining are low.


Wash your cushion covers and linens regularly

If you already wash things like cushion covers, linens, bedding, and so forth regularly, you could probably skip over this section. But, if you like to leave it longer between each washing session, it’s in your interest to increase the number of times you wash everything each month.

Dogs have a habit of exploring their home environments each day. Even if you don’t allow them to explore your bedroom, for example, they’ll still try to find a way of going in there without you knowing! Of course, some pet dog owners prefer to have their canine companions at their side, even when it’s bedtime.

In any event, if you want to ensure your home doesn’t smell like your dog, one of the best things you can do is wash your cushion covers, linens, and related items regularly. You may also wish to invest in some throws or blankets to put over your sofas. That way, your dog is less likely to damage the sofas with dirt or by “digging” into it if it’s a really soft material! Plus, throws and blankets are easily washable.


Wash your dog’s bedding every week

One of the most important things you should do as a responsible dog owner is to wash your pet’s bedding weekly. While it keeps dirt and odours down to a minimum, there are other reasons why doing so is very important.

For example, regular washing of dog bedding lowers the risk of flea problems in your home. Plus, if they’ve had an “accident” on their bed while you’ve been away, your dog won’t end up getting ill or smelling really bad if they sleep on their soiled bedding.

When you buy dog bedding for your canine friend, you should think about buying products with removable covers for ease of washing. Many will often have a foam interior, so even if you put the whole bed in your washing machine, the foam won’t get misshapen like with loose-fill material.

Be sure to wash your dog’s bedding at the highest temperature possible. Doing so will kill any bacteria or fleas that could cause infections or discomfort to your dog.


Air your rooms daily

One final thing you should be doing to keep any doggy scents from lingering inside of your home is to air each room daily. Ideally, you will want to open all your windows first thing in the morning and close them in the early afternoon.

Of course, there will be times where you cannot do that, such as when the weather is extremely cold outside, or when you need to leave the house. But, where possible, air your rooms when you are at home.

As an alternative, you could invest in air fresheners that spray a burst of scent in a room thanks to its built-in timer. But, you just need to ensure that both you and your dog aren’t allergic to the scent.


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