Little annoyances in the last few months of a PhD

Finishing a PhD is a huge effort, one in which you write and edit approx 50,000-70,000 words, including scientific paper chapters. Don’t get me wrong this task has been incredibly difficult, but what I have found even harder in the last few months of the PhD is the tiny little formatting errors and annoyances. If you are yet to get to the end stage I would suggest you to allocate time to formatting (and purchase some wine!)


  1. Some of my references not having hanging indentations despite the setting for hanging indentation being on
  2. One paragraph in my entire thesis not letting me indent the first line (only one paragraph in 256 pages?)
  3. My images being blurry despite trying every trick on google
  4. Tables. Need I say more
  5. Having to switch pages between landscape and portrait 
  6. Checking references (if you a silly like me and do them manually- I will cop this one as being my choice!!)
  7. Having to change the numbers of your tables and figures everytime you add or delete one

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