Life Admin: Getting Stuff Sorted For Better Wellbeing

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Life is always busy and hectic, and it’s easy to get into the habit of going with the flow so that you can save yourself any added stress or pressure. However, often life can become pretty overwhelming, and your responsibilities and commitments can begin to snowball. All too often, it can become too much, and you can find yourself on a downward spiral towards fatigue, stress, and mental and physical health issues that will make it even harder to bounce back, and take on whatever life has in store. Therefore, it’s time to focus on how you can take on some of your life admin so that you’ll have peace of mind that it’s all sorted out, and you can concentrate on the rest of your busy schedule.

Getting a few things in order and dealing with those little things that can end-up weighing heavy on your mind, will ensure that you get some pep back in your step, for an improved lifestyle. The weight off your shoulders will feel so good, and you’ll be much more equipped for any challenges and unexpected surprises ahead. You’ll also open yourself up to new experiences and opportunities because of the time you’ve freed-up, and your fresh demeanor. Therefore, it’s time to make lists your BFF, and begin writing some. Adding everything, even the tiniest of tasks or bits of admin, to a list will give you the chance to tick them off one by one. You’ll gain a sense of accomplishment even after a couple of things have been completed, which will only give you a positive feeling to help boost the rest of your day, or week ahead. The following are some areas of life to consider if you’re looking to sort out your admin, to alleviate stress, and gain more happiness and better wellbeing.


Health Matters

It’s too easy to ignore those little changes in your mood, body, and how you function in general. Trips to the doctor or dentist aren’t always the most fun you’ll have in a day; however, they are crucial to a happy and healthy life. Ignoring any sort of health issues will only make them worse (sorry to sound like your mom), and you’ll reach a point where you have no choice but to get help and have time-out to recover. So, surely it’s worth a quick trip to grab some meds, change your contraception, or get that wisdom tooth seen to? Start by popping the appointments you need to make, on that list that was mentioned earlier. Even writing down the appointments you need to make, will take a weight off your mind. Put the contact details down, and work your way through the list, at a pace that works for you.

Fortunately there are plenty of services available online, and even through an app. So, if you feel like your schedule simply can’t handle a morning or afternoon in a waiting room; it’s worth looking into your options. Trained doctors are available through apps (Dr Google is not going to be able to treat you, so use the internet with caution), and you can book most of your appointments online or through email, if the thought of picking up the phone is too much. Even making a trip to your pharmacy could count as a little exercise and fresh air, as you go and ask their advice if you’re feeling unwell with something minor. The point here is to never ignore something, no matter how small, as you may not realise the effects it’s having on your life.

Your mental health is also, if not more, important as those cold symptoms you may have had. If your feeling the pressure of studying hard, working, and keeping-up with social commitments; it could be time to take a look at what you prioritize. Your wellbeing needs to be your priority, so, if going out after you’ve finishing working fir the day, makes you feel tired; stay in and relax instead. If things get too much, it’s time to talk to someone. Again, there’s plenty of resources and advice on where to go if you need a friendly, impartial, and helpful person to explain things to. Getting health help and treatment in any capacity will benefit your lifestyle as a whole, which is why it’s the first thing you should be tackling.


De-Clutter To De-Stress

Cleaning, tidying, and decluttering is never a top priority for people, especially when you don’t find the process enjoyable on any level. However, many studies have shown that a clean and fresh environment will boost you mood, and help you function even better (you’re already doing great by the way). Getting rid of old, unwanted, and unused items is an excellent place to start. Do the task in manageable chunks so that it doesn’t feel too overwhelming. Perhaps you can st-up a few labelled bags or boxes so that you can begin to categorize items that are creating a clutter or mess in your living environment. Think about the things that are broken or cannot be useful to anyone anymore, and put them in a box for the bin. Everything else you don’t need or want anymore can be given to charity so that someone else can benefit from them. Having these boxes or bags open all the time will allow you to find something randomly and pop it in; so you’re basically cleaning and organizing, without really doing much (yay).

The more clear the space you have is, the easier it will be clean, and, once it’s all done; it’s far more manageable to keep on top of. Simply wiping surfaces and moving the vacuum around a room for a little bit, can freshen up a space. You can pick things up and tidy as you go. Remember that a tidy space will help you enjoy where you live even more, and organizing your items will ensure that finding something before you walk out the door, will be a breeze. Right, you’ll need to get that list ready again so that you can prioritize the spaces or rooms that get the most use; ensuring that you have at least one or two havens to clear your mind in, will help you to tackle the rest of the interior space. It’s time to read up on Mary Kondo and her approach to how tidying can really change your life; take one step at a time, and make the most of the result!


Topping-Up Your Bank Balance

Most people find themselves in a financial state of disarray at some point in their lives, and it’s totally normal, and never something to be ashamed of; as long as you’re willing to address it. Money worries can often lead to many of the aforementioned health issues, and they can easily spiral out of control. Therefore, it’s definitely worth going through all your financial admin, making some plans, and getting on track for a happy and healthy bank balance. It’s a job that nobody wants to do, but like everything in the blog post, you’ll feel so much better once you’ve done it.

You can find help online if you want to create a budget or a simple financial plan. However, it’s worth starting with a (very honest, even though it might be hard) list of your daily or weekly outgoings. This will allow you to see if your income is enough, or if and where you need to cut back. You can start making small changes, that over time, will make a big financial difference. Swapping your takeaway coffees every other day, for a keep cup and something homemade, will soon add up. Or, perhaps instead of dinner and a movie out, you can invite your faves over for the same at your place. Get everyone to bring some ingredients or a dish, and movie Mondays, or Taco Tuesdays might just become the best part of your week. See, who said sorting-out your financial admin had to be stressful?

And, remember that box you filled with the stuff you didn’t want anymore? Well, you could use an hour during your weekend to pop some things on an internet auction site, or there are apps that make it simple to sell your unwanted clothes and items. Selling the things you no longer use, will not only clean-up you living environment, but you’ll be contributing to your bank balance too! It’s a win-win. Spending less often encourages people to be more creative and productive with their time so that saving money simple becomes a bonus, and trying new things is the focus. By getting your life admin in order, you can discover just how much time you can free-up, and you’ll be able to enjoy more, so take a deep breath, and get-going. Keep heading back to your list, and be genuinely proud each time you’ve ticked something off, or completed a task; you’re doing great.

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