June is a time for reflection (2017 edition)

It is time for another “June… time for reflection” post, which is terrifying as I have so much that needs to get finished in the last half of 2017! If you didn’t check out my first reflection post from last year, have a look here: https://drofwhat.com/2016/06/30/the-end-of-june-is-time-for-reflection/

I know we always say it, but time really does fly. I love taking the time to look back on what I have done, and I think hump month is the perfect time to do that! The start of 2017 has possibly been one of the busiest times in my life… ever! Here are just five of the exciting things that have happened.


A couple of months ago I got to explore the beautiful island state, Tasmania. I seriously fell in love with the natural beauty and quiet towns.  I am waiting for the opportunity to go back as soon as I can.

These are just a few of the reasons why….DSC07623DSC07694DSC07706DSC07728DSC07593DSC07575DSC07549DSC04128


Just before Tasmania, my sister and I spent a long weekend in Brisbane to see Sir David Attenborough which is something I will never forget. I am a huge Davo fan, and being in the same room as him (even if it was with a couple of other thousand people) was amazing. We also spent a day touring Moreton Island, where we snorkelled with what felt like 234,503 fish!



Volunteering Role-

My new volunteering role has already given me so many opportunities to get out and make presentations about the importance of conserving our planet. I have met wonderful like-minded people and through all the presenting have gained valuable experience & practice at public speaking. It is so rewarding talking to young students who are so passionate and eager to help!



We brought a house, which still sounds weird to say out aloud (or write in a blog post)!

My partner and I have been saving for a long time now and we are so proud that we were able to put the deposit down on the house (especially me being on a PhD scholarship wage).  If you haven’t yet check out some photos from our home here: https://drofwhat.com/2017/05/27/first-peak-into-new-house/ 



Our family went from 2 to 3. As we were no longer renting we were able to get a furbaby (my gran says she thinks the only reason we got a house was for a dog!). Frodo the German Shepherd has filled our lives with happiness, our couch with holes and my body with bite marks (I cannot wait for him to grow out of the teething stage). We are also in the process of teaching him how to do the dishes (see below), we shall keep you updated on the progress.


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