Introducing: The Dr.ofwhat PhD Survival Guide

Introducing the newest segment to the Dr.ofwhat blog, one that I have been thinking about and working on for a long time now. The Dr.ofwhat PhD Survival guide. A complete end-to-end guide of all aspects of a PhD. 

Like a PhD, although this guide intends to progress in a linear fashion, it digresses and goes on random tangents, but ends up where it needs to be. As I have been documenting my PhD journey through this blog it allows me to go back and see what I wrote four years ago and provide insights into what I felt during the different parts of my PhD, with the lens of how I feel now. Some of the content I will be sharing as part of the survival guide will be updated versions of old posts, while many will be completely new. 

This guide is intended for potential PhD students to understand the process and experience, for current PhD students to guide them through their own PhD journey, and for completed PhD students to reflect back on their personal experience.

Each week a new component of the guide will be released on Mondays (Australian time). ALSO something I am really excited about is that along with each weekly post there will be a downloadable PDF that will accompany the post (think infographic, quotes, a little activity etc.). Starting with a ‘PhD Survival Guide Cover Page’ in case you want to create your own little physical PhD survival guide! 

I am so excited for this next big step of the Dr.ofwhat blog- however, I will still be posting my adventures, lifestyle content, experiences moving from PhD to industry, and day in the life of posts. 

So get ready for the first component of the survival guide in a weeks time- starting with why a PhD?

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